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Company profile

Company name To-Conne Co., Ltd.
Established May 1st, 1950
Company address 5-23-11 Narimasu, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan 175-0094
TEL: (81)3-3939-9081 FAX: (81)3-3939-9082
Capital 1 , 000, 000 USD
Representative Hiromasa Watanabe, President and C.E.O.
Number of Employees 50
URL http://www.to-conne.co.jp
Business outline

Design, planning, develop,manufacturing and selling of

1. High frequency coaxial connectors

2. AV connectors

3. Connectors for computer devices

4. Telecommunications devices (Antennas, parts and other peripheral equipments)

5. Optical devices

6. Optical components

7. Metal parts Design, planning, develop, manufacturing and selling of high frequency coaxial cables, computer use cable related peripherals.

Selling of CNC machining parts, wireless communications related products.

Products & services 1. High frequency coaxial connector

2. Coaxial cable assemblies

3. Cable assemblies for mobile communications

4. LAN cable assemblies

5. Cable assembly for computers

6. Other cables, parts and antenna for telecommunications devices

7. Peripherals equipments

8. Materials and other metal parts



5-23-11 Narimasu, Itabashi-ku Tokyo, Japan 175-0094

Corporate history

May, 1950 President of the foundation and executive adviser, Mr.Hiromi Watanabe established the company at Toushin-chou, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.
May, 1956 Toyo Optical Co., Ltd. was established.
May, 1957 Started the manufacture of microscope, by adopting the skills of metal processing.
July, 1963 Manufacturing plant was established at Awano-machi, Kamitsuga-gun, Tochigi-prefecture, Japan. Started the manufacture of connectors.
Sep, 1979 Company name changed to Toyo Connector Co., Ltd. due to the business expansion of Toyo Optical Co., Ltd.
May, 1986

Headquarters moved to the current address at Narimasu, ltabashi-ku, Tokyo.

Nov, 1988 Training institute was established in Tochigi-prefecture. Mr. Misaku Watanabe was promoted to president, C.E.O. and Mr. Harumi Watanabe was promoted to chairman of the company.
May, 1990 The manufacturing department became independent and established as Toyo Hitex Co., Ltd.
May, 1993 The trade business department became independent and established as Toyo Trading Co., Ltd.
May, 2000 Merged with Toyo Hitex Co., Ltd. Celebrating the 50th anniversary. Capital increased to 1,000,000 US Dollars.
May, 2001 ISO 9002 certified
Oct, 2001 ISO 9001:2000 certified
May, 2004 A new warehouse was established, next to the headquarters.
Nov, 2008 Mr. Hideo Watanabe was promoted to president, C.E.O.and Mr.Misaku Watanabe was promoted to chairman of the company.
Jan, 2012 Company name changed to To-Conne Co., Ltd.
Nov, 2013 Mr. Hiromasa Watanabe was promoted to president, C.E.O.and Mr.Hideo Watanabe was promoted to adviser of the company.